Mice: Online Guide

Mice can be one of the worst pests for both homes and businesses. They can cause destruction, spread disease, and cause serious emotional damage for people.

Learn more about pest mice in our online guide so that you can be educated and prepared if you ever have to face this pest. Online guide includes:


Diseases from rodents are also spread indirectly to humans by way of ticks, mites, and fleas that transmit the infection to humans after feeding on infected rodents. In some cases, the rodents are the reservoirs (carriers) of the diseases, while in other cases the ticks, mites, or fleas act as the disease reservoirs.


Roof Rats are 15 to 20 cm and normally a grown to gray-black color. The tail is longer than head and body combined. Prefer to nest on rooftops.

House Mouse is about 7.5 Cm inches in length with a tail longer than its body. It had large ears and smalls eyes and usually are dark gray on top with a light belly. Usually nest in materials such as insulation.

Norway Rat is about 20 cm long and can weigh up to 600 gm. Normally brown with some black hair and has a shorter tail than its body and head combines. Prefer to nest in soil by streams, lakes, rubbish.

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