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Bird Control for Homes & Businesses

Birds are important and beautiful parts of nature, but they are not a good combination with your home & business. They can also be a nuisance and threat to our well-being. Large flocks will chirp to each other and pollute the air with noise — and then leave behind droppings that can sicken people. For some business owners, these are problems that come up after every winter thaw.

At LPC®, we know that peace of mind for your guests and customers is your ultimate priority, and we strive to secure that for you. If you realize your commercial site has a bird problem, or if you’ve fielded concerns from your visitors, call our specialists to schedule an inspection and start addressing the issue today.

What Birds Are Considered Pests?

These bird species fall under the category of pests because of the damage and health risks they cause. They are also invasive species & sometime not native to your city, so there are no natural predators to control their population.

Here are three of the most common pest birds that commercial properties have trouble dealing with:

  • Pigeons:These large, grayish birds flock wherever food is available, often in urban areas where unattended garbage cans are everywhere. Many pigeons are comfortable around humans because we make the mistake of feeding them. Pigeons can carry insect pests like ticks and fleas.
  • Sparrows: Species like the house sparrow are about half a foot long and mostly colored pale brown and grey or brighter brown, white and brown markings . They’re known to pick at trash when grains or vegetables aren’t around. Sparrows aren’t afraid to build nests near buildings, and they defend their homes aggressively.
  • Indian Myna birds: Indian Myna birds are a medium sized bird, commonly found with a yellow beak and eye patch, and the body is brown and is closely associated with human habitation. Indian Myna birds are accomplished scavengers, feeding on almost anything, including insects, fruits and vegetables, scraps, pets' food and even fledgling sparrows.

The Dangers of Pest Birds

  • Hazards: Unsafe conditions are created when bird droppings, debris and nesting materials accumulate on slippery stairways and walkways. A bird nest on a rooftop can also create a fire hazard or block vents that maintain proper air quality.
  • Health risks: Birds can carry over 60 different diseases, including toxoplasmosis, encephalitis and histoplasmosis. Contact with bird feces or breathing fumes in the surrounding air can transmit these illnesses to humans.
  • Property damage: They cause damages to automobiles, aircrafts and buildings with acid bird droppings. Bird feces can ruin paint and plastic and even corrode masonry and metal.
  • Extra costs: Birds can add expense to your business with routine maintenance, cleaning, product loss and repackaging. Nests get clogged in building gutters, which can lead to water damage over time.
  • Other pests: Ecto parasites, rodents and other insects are attracted to bird droppings. Even if birds stay outside of your buildings, their presence can lead more organisms indoors and risk contaminating the inside.

Bird Pest Control Services for Commercial Businesses

LPC offer pigeon pest control and other answers to problematic bird pests. We install top-quality products that discourage birds from gathering on your property. Our professionals can also come to your business and disinfect your roofing and grounds, saving you from disease causing microorganism leave behind by the birds.

Lifecycle Pest Control will physically block access to areas where birds favor roosting and nesting locations.

  • Netting
  • Sheet Metal
  • Galvanized Screen
  • Strip Doors

Behavior Modification

Behavior modification systems condition birds to avoid areas where they are installed.

  • Wire Grid System
  • Sight and Sound Dispersal
  • Flock Dispersal

Disinfection Services

In order to have a successful bird control program, after proper clean-up, disinfection is essential to remove disease causing microorganism.

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